Deep Dive Consultation on Directions for the Global Digital Compact

March 2023

Viraj Desai

Advocacy associate Viraj Desai represented IT for Change during a preliminary consultation on the Global Digital Compact on 3 February 2023.

Their input outlined the necessity for the Global Digital Compact to move beyond techno-solutionist visions and build a path grounded in a democratic multilateralism that recognizes the inequitable experiences of marginalized peoples. Taking aim at the corporate impunity of big tech corporations for market abuse, worker exploitation, ecological destruction, and the weakening of democracies, they proposed that a Global Digital Compact must hold corporations accountable for their crimes and tactics for market manipulation.

They further highlighted how the development and governance gap between the Global North and the Global South has exacerbated the harms of digital technologies on the latter for the continued boons of the forner. The input suggests binding multilateral policies that target international taxation and digital trade rules for the promotion of public digital infrastructures and in the Global South. Finally, they emhasized that the compact must build a new typology of rights for the age of data and digitality.

To learn more about the intervention, read it in full.
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