About us

The Global Digital Justice Forum is a dynamic coalition driven by a vision of digital justice. Our forum represents a diverse array of stakeholders, including development organizations, digital rights networks, trade unions, feminist groups, corporate watchdogs, and communication rights campaigners. At the heart of the Global Digital Justice Forum lies the promise of reinvigorating international cooperation in response to the transformative shifts in digital technology.

Within our vision, civil society and social movements are pivotal players in shaping digital policy, from the global to the local level. We believe that a truly equitable, inclusive, and development-oriented digital society is only possible through active participation and agenda-setting by people from all walks of life. The voices of marginalized communities should guide the processes leading to digital justice. To this end, we advocate for a democratized and meaningful form of participation that enables agile, accountable, and people- and planet-centric policies.

The so-called digital divide underscores a larger development divide. The aspirations of the international community encapsulated in the 2030 Agenda must not be overshadowed or contingent upon digitalisation. Instead, any digital policies must aspire to harness the potential of digitalisation as a positive force, enhancing the well-being and dignity of all individuals.

We engage with multilateral, and national level stakeholders as part of our advocacy work, and we are currently engaged with the Global Digital Compact process through consultations and trainings.

Welcome to the Global Digital Justice Forum, where together we champion a future of digital justice and equitable progress.


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